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Airmighty Magazine

Airmighty #54

Airmighty #54

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In this issue you will find:


Type 18a “Polizei Cabrio”
Let´s have a look behind the history of Claus Missing’s super-rare convertible and its second life as a collector’s item, after its tough day-to-day life with the Hamburg police.

Oval Obsession
Check out Michael’s recently finished, perfect 2.3-litre 1956 Ragtop which he purchased over 30 years ago…

Type 3 Square from France
This U.S.-import has been entirely restored and now relies on a trick airbag suspension system, let’s have a closer look at this built.

Dutch Porsche 356 Pre-As
A stunning pair of almost-identical original Dutch-delivered, family-owned Porsche 356 Pre-A models with fascinating stories.

‘54 Oval “The Jewelry Box”
Great three-fold sunroof Oval, in L213 Iceland Green with semaphores, fully loaded with rare, era-correct accessories. Does it get any better than this VW model?


Le Bug Show Spa 2023
The biggest one to date! Another weekend filled with what we all love: air-cooled Volkswagens, friends, a stroll around
the swap meet, enjoying a BBQ or a party and what not.

Ardennen Rennen 2023
Second edition of the “ArdRen”. A tribute to the big races held years ago, thanks to a navigational tour featuring a limited number of participants and their Old Speed Volkswagens as well as Porsches.

All Out VW Show
When on vacation in California, and you hear about an aircooled VW show taking place at a Beer Brewery in Oceanside CA it’s something you need to check out of course!

4th Beetle Battle, Indosesia
The Volkswagen Beetle Club Jakarta (VBC) is hosting their 4th Beetle Battle and ir was time for us to check it out.

Volksfest Curitiba Brazil
Let us join Mr. BBT Bob Van Heyst on his Brazilian trip. Starting wth ‘Volksfest Curitiba’ in one of the most beautiful cities of Brazil.

Lindoa Show, Brazil
And while in Brazil we also stop by the Lindoa Show 2023.

Pre-A Meeting
Held in Austria with mixed weather (including snow!), the annual Pre-A Meeting was an event to remember!

VW Swap Meets
We visit several swap meets in Europe; Slough Swapmeet, Newbury (UK), Aircooled Winterfest, Rosmalen (NL), VW Käfer Veteranen Wintertreffen, Herford (DE), Kempense Kever Club Swapmeet, Lommel (BE), Midland’s Air-cooled Swap Meet, Gaydon (UK).

…and more!

European VW Show Calendar
Most European air-cooled VW shows listed on one page.

Hebmüller Build – Part 2
Søren Rasmussen is working hard on the Heb, getting the adjustments and measurements correct and getting the floor panels in place …measuring twice, fastening it all together, measuring again to make it fit.

El Dub’s Column
The ‘Inch Pincher Too Baja’. This little VW represents Californian carefreeness in all its glory. We will focus on this psychedelic version in this column.


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